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General Dentistry
Teeth cleaning, root canals, and more!
Cosmetic Dentistry
Dental bridges, veneers, implants, and more!


• Oral surgery
• Sedation dentistry
• Reconstructive dentistry
• Trauma surgery
• Sports dentistry
• Preventive dentistry
• Invisalign
• Implants

It is our mission at Smile avenue Family Dental to strive for and provide our patients the highest quality comprehensive dental care leading toward long term optimal oral health; and to be committed to creating an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect by listening to our patients needs and treating them in a caring, empathetic and professional manner.

You can't have


without Dr. Shin
You deserve a stunning smile that lasts. Trust Dr. Lawrence M. Shin and Smile Avenue Family Dental to take care of your teeth and keep them shining. Dr. Shin has a true passion for dentistry, and you will find him direct, honest, articulate, approachable, and a great listener. His goal is to provide superior dental care with the intention of building long-lasting relationships with his patients.

Sometimes you need more than a cleaning

Are you or a family member struggling with an oral condition and in need of immediate help? Here you will find a caring staff offering treatments for a wide range of conditions including halitosis, snoring and sleep apnea, gum disease, and tooth decay.